AAF series

AAF compressed air filters are designed for the protection of the downstream compressed air system and equipment with lower airflows against defects and other failures. They ensure high efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odour and vapours from compressed air systems up to 16 bar. Required compressed air quality according to standard ISO 8571-1 can be achieved with 5 different grades of filter elements (P, R, M, S and A). Optional internal and external condensate drains should be used for efficient condensate draining from the filter housing.aaf compressed air filter


 operating pressure
 16 bar
 volume flow rate 60 to 2760 Nm3/h
 connections 1/8’’ to 3’’
 operating temp. range      
 1,5 to 65 °C
 standard colour RAL 5012

Applications where compressed air filters can be used

• general industrial applications
• automotive
• electronics
• food and beverage
• chemical
• petrochemical
• plastics
• paint

Optional equipment

A wide range of condensate drains and pressure drop indicators can be installed on the filter housings, which can be selected from our production program.

To meet the requirements of compressed air quality according to ISO 8375-1 of your application, 9 types of filter elements of different filtration levels are available.
An element for cyclone condensate separation can also be installed in the same housing without additional modifications, which serves as the first-rough stage of condensate removal from the compressed air system.

aaf filter technical data
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