Membrane nitrogen generators NM-GEN

Membrane nitrogen generators NM-GEN

The membrane nitrogen generators NM-GEN extract the available nitrogen from the compressed air. Membrane nitrogen generators use hollow fibre membrane technology to separate nitrogen from other components in compressed air. The membrane uses the principle of selective permeation to produce purity nitrogen. Each gas has a characteristic permeation rate, which is a function of its ability to diffuse through a membrane. Oxygen is a fast gas and is selectively diffused through the membrane wall, while nitrogen is allowed to travel along the inside of the fibre, thus creating a nitrogen-rich product stream. The oxygen-enriched gas, or permeate, is vented from the membrane separator at atmospheric pressure.Most of the slow gases and a very small amount of the fast gases continue to travel through the fibre until they reach the end of the membrane separator, where the product nitrogen gas is piped to the application.

membrane nitrogen generators nm gen


nitrogen pressure5 - 24 bar
operating temperature range (feed air) 35 to 55 °C
dew point (at ambient pressure)< -50 °C
N2 capacity0,8 to 780 Nm3/h
N2 purityup to 99,5 %

• Set of external feed air filters
• Electric heater
• Supporting frame or cabinet
• Pressure regulator
• Internal piping
• Nitrogen and air flow regulation

• Nitrogen sterile filters
• Nitrogen booster
• Nitrogen cylinder filling system


• Blanketing of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
• Inerting of Flammable Liquids
• Laser Cutting
• Re-flow and Wave Soldering of PCBs
• UV-Curing of Coatings
• Food processing

Technical data

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